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Making Better lives, better communities and better futures for those in need.

Making Better is a simple way for individuals, businesses and organisations in Leeds to help make better lives, communities and futures for the vulnerable people on the streets of our city centre. Donations bring new funds to local charities in their work with individuals in the city, providing access to support and helping with basic items to make a better life.

Rough sleeping, homelessness and street activities in Leeds is an increasing issue. Making Better provides those experiencing or at risk of a life on the street with support to move towards a better and safer future, and also manages the challenges this presents to those living, working and visiting the city centre.

Launched in 2018, our initial project has supported over 1,000 people so far, working with local charitable organisations; Making Better is a further development of this work, reaching out to the public to get involved.

Money donated to Making Better goes directly into projects dedicated to tackling homelessness and social disconnection in Leeds.