Making better


We are Making Better

Our not-for-profit project was set up in October 2018 by LeedsBID (Leeds Business Improvement District) and supported by Leeds City Council and Leeds Community Foundation (LCF), raising £50,000 in the first year and more than £70,000 so far– additional funding used to help more than 1,000 vulnerable people in Leeds.


Helping those in need

Making Better was created through a partnership of LeedsBID, its levy-payers (businesses in Leeds city centre) and Leeds City Council through a shared understanding and commitment to help those in need and meet the challenges of wider impact on city centre life.


Our mission

Our mission is to provide an easier and direct way for individuals, businesses and their staff to help vulnerable people in this city, through generous donations which bring extra to support local charities in their work to provide a wide range of mental and physical support for those experiencing daily life challenges, including homelessness in Leeds.

Donations no matter how big or small can have life changing, positive impacts for those in our community who truly need it – helping with the provision of those essential basic items and access to support which can ultimately lead to making individuals’ lives better.

Our project

Street activities and homelessness in Leeds is an increasing issue and a key aim is to provide those experiencing or at risk of a life on the streets with the resources and individual support to help them move towards a better and safer future, and manage the challenges homelessness presents to those living and working in the city centre.

Our project has helped provide additional funding for over 30 charities so far – including Change, Live, Grow, St Georges Crypt, Basis Yorkshire and Unity in Poverty Action; the money raised helping these charitable organisations operating in the city to carry out amazing work to support those in need in Leeds, through a range of life-changing practical individual support.


All of the money donated to Making Better goes directly to projects dedicated to tackling homelessness and social disconnection in Leeds such as rehabilitation, rehousing and counselling – for example £4.35 from a £5 donation goes directly to the projects, a full break down of where your money goes is shown here:


15p of your donation for debit card payments or 1.3% for credit card payments is deducted by XXXXX as the fee for using the crowdfunding platform.


10% of your donation is deducted by the Leeds Community Foundation to fund the work done managing and distributing funds.

The Individual

Up to 88% of your donation goes straight to the local charities or organisations working directly with vulnerable individuals.

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Making Better